Friday, June 1, 2012

Penultimate Lacrosse Game

This past week was N’s penultimate (I love that word) lacrosse game, and we played one of the tougher opponents in Norwich. They have a good team, and they seem to give N’s team a run for their money, though N’s team has won both meetings. This time around I think N’s team played better than the previous meeting, and pretty much controlled the game from the opening face-off.

N did a great job, and the coach put him in again at mid-field, which is an important position and generally reserved for the older more experienced players. One thing I’ve noticed is that N is more assertive on the field in terms of going for the ball, and it’s great to see. This past game, he was in the mix fighting for the ball and a couple of times he got it and took off for the breakaway. I had to really control myself in order not to run along with him and scream encouragement, but suffice it to say, it was awesome to see, even if he ran out of steam by the time he got to the opposing team’s zone. He didn’t score any goals this past game, but he had a great game.

Next up will be the big match up against the one team that’s beaten them, so this should be good. After the game, N was taking off his gear and the star of the team walked past, who is two years older. N said goodbye and he said, “See you later, N.” Good to be recognized by the leader of the team, it shows you exist in the sports universe.

The season is winding down, one more game to go. Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to breakawaylacrosse for the pic.

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