Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fixing A Leak w/the Amazing PR Man

My brother in law, the Amazing PR Man, is truly amazing. He reminds me of the young ultimate frisbee players who can catch anything and everything, you just throw the disc and you know, without question, that they’ll catch it. With the Amazing PR Man, give him a task, and I have absolute confidence that he’ll pull it off. They don’t call him the Amazing PR Man for nothing.

We had a problem with our darn plumbing this past week, and I responded in typical "real-man in training" fashion by screaming out loud for help. The pipe feeding into the pressure tank had developed a drip, and it wasn’t bad, but it was a drip, nonetheless, requiring some attention. I called KB and he stopped over on his way to work to check it out. Now granted, the guy was on his way to a busy day on the job, and he is a builder so his expertise is not plumbing, but the same could be said about the Amazing PR Man, who builds airplanes. KB took a look at it, said it wasn’t an urgent situation, and told me I’d probably be better off contacting a plumber, who would know what to do. Then he was off to build bridges and skyscrapers. I, on the other hand, had to find a plumber. Boy was I bummed.

After asking around, I was told a lot of plumbers don’t really enjoy doing small individual jobs, but are more keen on doing big jobs that last weeks. I was given a few names, and was about to call them figuring that every person out there has some sort of plumbing emergency and there has to be someone who fixes them, when R said to wait and see if her brother could do something. They were visiting this past weekend, so the opportunity was there. Sure enough, the Amazing PR Man took one look at, knew what to do, and set about doing it. It was truly amazing. Plumbing is not even his thing, but his understanding of how things work seems to translate into everything that requires brains and tools. He even knows the names of all the parts.

We jetted over to Home Depot, got the needed parts, which for the record cost under $15, and he went downstairs and changed the pipe fittings, in his socks, no less. The guy is fearless, and the repair was great. No more leaks. I told him that there was a barn nearby that needed finishing. I bet if he moved up here for a month, he’d have the thing done, no doubt.

Now we have one less thing to worry about, thanks to the Amazing PR Man. He should wear a cape and red tights. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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