Friday, June 29, 2012

Cool Small Canadian Towns

One thing that really struck me about Montreal and Quebec is that the small towns were provincial but somehow had a certain sophistication and cosmopolitan air that reminded me of Europe. When we traveled through the smaller towns in France and Spain, even though they were seemingly in the middle of nowhere, they weren’t backward towns where people have no exposure to the outside world. Maybe it’s because in Europe, there is so much international travel between the Union that they are used to seeing foreigners, whereas in this country, foreigners are not only unusual, but they’re often reviled. It’s too bad.

We spent some time in the town of Sutton, which again, had a European feel, aided by the fact that everyone spoke French. Sutton was the main town right outside of our camp, and they had all sorts of nice restaurants and cafes, all of which we really enjoyed. Since we weren’t really prepared to eat at the campsite, we ended up eating out big meals in town. The people were super friendly and the food and service were outstanding. We really enjoyed it, and we were able to find some reasonably healthy food options. All in all, a very good vibe.

We also passed through Cowansville, which was a fairly big town. Though we didn’t spend much time there, it was a cool looking town, and if we weren’t on our way to Montreal, probably would have stopped to check it out. In the past, when we stayed at the lake, we also spent time in Mansonville, which is much smaller, and Magog, which is sort of big. Both cool, however.

We are definitely fans of Canada, not only for the bilingual expertise, which still floors me, but also because they love hockey, and what else is there in life?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to for the pic.

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