Monday, June 11, 2012

Go-Cart Seat Creation

We have the front axle installed, and the next steps will be to install the seat and back axle. After that, the front hood and the brakes, and then we can get the wheels from JM, and we should be good to go. The kids had chosen a color scheme for the seat housing and we borrowed some paint from JM, but one of them ended up being an oil based red. I wanted to avoid oil based stuff, it’s a bear to clean and dispose of, so I told them to switch over to a latex red. The one we had, however, was dull and lifeless, and not nearly as nice as the oil paint, which really looked nice. I told them to switch back, and we’ll just deal with the harder disposal.

While they were going that, I cut out the side panels for the front hood, which was a little tricky because I had to trim the hardwood plate that holds in the front axle bearing. The plate extended too far, so I had to trim the tip. On JM’s model, he cut off the front end entirely, and then had the hood extend over it to form the tip. We might try something similar, though entirely the same.

Once the side panels were done, A&N painted them and we took them into the barn to dry, because the rain clouds were rolling in, and we had places to be. I have to say, what seemed like insurmountable obstacles in building this thing have been manageable because we’ve been taking small steps and haven’t felt overwhelmed.

The most important thing, however, has been the kid’s enthusiasm. The fact that A&N are having fun and can’t wait to work on it has inspired me to make time to do it, and that has been the single biggest factor in moving forward. Thus far, it’s been a great project, for kids and adults alike.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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