Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Day With the Family and Vegan/Healthy Eating (cont)

The temp has finally reached a respectable level and risen above zero, though it's snowing and it looks like I'll have to break out the shovel, though I'm not complaining. If I'm lucky, I'll get some snowboarding in, though it'll be a zoo with the holiday weekend.

Yesterday we had yet another wonderful day spent together at home then out in Hanover. It's really nice finding our groove, and it affords us an opportunity to take care of business and yet still spend lots of time together. I've said this before, but I do think family's work out when the dad stays at home because mom's want to be with their families, whereas I see a lot of dads who work all week and then spend their free time doing their own thing.

I have no illusions that this revelation will change the thinking of the world, but because my wife wants to be with her kids (not necessarily with her husband, but I can delude myself), she will work harder at spending time with us. She has to work, however, so she's much more willing to work it out so she can go in and still spend the day together, which what we did.

Getting out to Hanover can be a chore, but we've got the drill down to where she can get anywhere from an 1/2 hour to an hour of work done (that's all she needs) while I take the kids to the Coop or we go and play. We can burn hours in the snow outside DHMC or inside at the pediatric ward, where there are games and toys, and during the week, they have this great room filled with stuff that is open to the public, not unlike the library.

AND, they put A's drawing up in a frame on the wall. You can't beat that.

Anyway, that's what we do on Saturday's. Because of our new healthy eating plan, there are plenty of things we need at the Coop, and we can jet over there while my wife gets her stuff done. We then go to pick her up and go skating at Occom Pond. the kids have become such proficient skaters, it frees us up to have fun, as well, though we didn't make it to the library, which is a drag, but there's always today. We need books!

Since today is Sunday, we'll have to compromise our vegan eating by having our traditional breakfast sausage, but over all we have been doing extremely well at eliminating meat from out diet. Lots of beans, eggs and tofu, if you can believe that one. I've been eating loads of yogurt and nuts, and though I can't say if it's filling me with youthful vigor, I do feel better about our diets.

I'm doing yogurt three times a day, with a big dollop of raw honey. There are indications that fermented foods are good for you, and there are cultures that live to be hundred and eat tons of the stuff, and it's supposed to help GI issues, which I happen to have. Nothing serious, mind you, but enough to make me want to take action. And, I've heard through the grapevine that honey helps with allergies, though that is redolent of folk medicine.

Either way, honey helps the yogurt go down, and that's always a good thing. We've come down with head colds over here so we had to take a break on vegan-ism and make chicken soup, but such is life. I'm a firm believer in it's healing qualities.

Yesterday in the AM I went food shopping, as I always do (first a stop at the dump) and once again saw our kid's dentist, Dr. Bachner, at Shaw's. We chatted it up and discovered we have a mutual interest in food, he's got the great setup with his wife being a baker and he does the cooking. You can't beat that. Also saw SA at Stern's. Small town life, you can't beat it.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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