Monday, January 12, 2009

Surly and Belligerent

My wife and I were talking about what to do when your kids become a little surly. It's almost as if they're acting like teenagers, even though they're only seven. There is something of an air of superiority about them, and it behooves them to employ more humility, or at least tact. We wondered if there was a need for more interaction with her peers, where humility is instilled by virtue of the establishment of the pecking order. Kids will cut you down to size until you learn your place in the universe, though they are hard lessons that often end up with scars.

Either way, just a thought. Parental lectures will get you just so far before they become counterproductive. My problem is that I tend to respond to surliness with more surliness, and besides setting a bad example, I end up making an ass of myself, not to mention hurting some feelings. It's all about more anger management and keeping tabs on my buttons.

Until the next time, and thanks for reading.

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