Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Own Webpage and Finding Writing Gigs

The idea was recently suggested to me that it behooves me to have my own webpage. It's the modern way of the writing world, and something I've toyed with but have never taken the steps toward accomplishing. Well, after reading a suggested article (suggested by none other than my good friend the Book Chook!) about writing, which basically said to get off my butt and get my web page up, I guess it's something I can no longer avoid.

Then again, I'm pretty good at avoiding things, and it's not as if I need yet another thing on my plate, but you gotta do whatever it takes. It's all such a learning experience, and I will say this much-it sure makes for good dinner party conversation. Now, if only something will come of it.

On a bright note, I have found some interest in my writing for a non-profit that will pay nothing but is for a good cause. A win-win, because we get to help out for something meaningful, they get some free content, AND it's something we all, as a family, can help out with. Even my wife has expressed an interest in teaming up to take pics, making us a photo-journalistic team. The organization is called World Partners in Education, and their goal is to establish and support schools in the poorest area of Kenya. We know some of it's founders, and they work tirelessly and get paid basically nothing for their work.

So, I offered to help out. Our work at Dartmouth (medical research) involves Africa, so we have somewhat of a hand in developing countries, and it's been said that we might even end up going there. For the record, we focus on Tanzania.

Either way, we are happy to help out in any way we can, and it would be a good experience for the kids to see firsthand how other people live and what a difference people can make in their lives.

I've also sent some more queries out for jobs and maybe gotten a nibble or two. Some are so fitting that it hurts, but I have no control over their outcomes. Thanks again (and again!) to the Book Chook for more leads, I can't even express how grateful I am for the thoughtfulness.

More on the whole webpage development later. I may have to consult some experts on the matter, since I have no clue.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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