Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Foods I Can't Pronounce

Our vegan dining experience was disrupted yesterday when the kids went over to C's around dinner time and KB was making chili, something we all love. I had no problem with it, as I've mentioned, we still eat meat, but whenever possible, we're going to give it a go for eating vegan. At the very least, it's a challenge, but in the best case scenario, it's fun to reinvent the family meal. Change is good for shaking things up and forcing you to think more about your life.

I'd made an Indian Food dish called Aloo Gobhi Masala, which is that killer cauliflower dish w/ potatoes that you get at restaurants and have no idea what it's called. The prep was pretty easy, and we have all the spices, which is the key to Indian cooking, because at one time my wife was interested in Indian food and bought all the spices.

The dish was a winner, and even after chili and cornbread, the kids ate it up, though we didn't force the issue since they'd eaten. R and I sat down, just the two of us, and had the Masala with kasha, and it was a great meal. And best of all, NO MEAT.

So far, so good. Tonight we'll go Asian, so we're treading on familiar ground.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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