Saturday, January 31, 2009

Great Day on the Quechee Ski Hill

I know I was feeling guilty and all about cajoling my wife into meeting us for skiing, but it worked out so well and everyone had a great day. Sometimes you have to be the (sort of) weenie to make things work, because at first glance, not everything seems so appealing.

My original plan was for us to ski in the AM and then let her head off to work for the day, but she had the more sensible plan of going in early and the meeting us in the afternoon. Of course, given so much time, we couldn't get our act together to get out on time, though we were productive during the day doing homeschooling stuff and getting the work done early. Just for the record, the kids are doing great, though at some point this month I need to figure out what we've accomplished on our curriculum to report to the state.

Anyway, we headed out to the hill and got there just as the crowd was building. By Friday afternoon, the Quechee Hill becomes a zoo, but I found, at least yesterday, that as crowded as it got, it was manageable. AND, it's nice to see friends and neighbors.

We got it together and by the time we'd done a couple of runs, my wife had shown up and we got to ski as a family, which is the goal in the end. She finally got up on the T-bar and I think because it's so much easier to use and the hill is a bit more challenging, she enjoyed it that much more. When you ski the rope tow all day, it just gets boring, and skiing becomes a chore. I think this is what our kids might be going through, but he refuses to try the T-bar. So far...

Anyway, it was cool because the kids got to show off to Mom their skiing prowess, and they and Ruth got to ski together on the T-bar. Also, since my wife was there, I got to don my snowboard and show off a little, as well. Shameless, I know, but such is the fragility of the male ego.

Best of all, our daughter finally got to ride the chairlift, something she's been itching to do and we've been encouraging her to try. She breezed through it, and skied down the hill like a pro. At Quechee, which in my opinion is the best hill I've ever skied for learning, if you can master the T-bar, you can most definitely do the chair, and she was no exception. She wanted me there and I skied with her down, but in the end, I was just there to observe and she arrived at the bottom elated.

As a parent, you can't put a price on those moments.

Now all we've got to do is get our son on the T-bar, and things will move to the next level, but more on that later.

Saw a ton of people at the hill, and that was great for us and the kids. A got to see the girl that I think is a really good fit for her, Is. She's such a sharp kid, and they are so nice together, but we don't see them much. It just so happens that we're good friends with her parents, J&R yet don't get together much. It's a shame, really. Either way, we made plans to see eachother, which means we'll never cross paths, but it was nice seeing them. Saw the old Quechee crowd, LC , the SK, and GS and T. There were several school groups so the hill was packed, and coupled with the intense city folks, made for quite the interesting day, but a good one, nonetheless.

And best of all, A rode the chair.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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