Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Life According to Moosewood

I've finally found a use for eggplant, the vegetable wonder that I've enjoyed in the past but was never really sure what to do with. We made a Creole Stew w/frozen tofu over cous-cous and a side of eggplant and pepper spread w/ fresh bread, and was it ever a hit with the family. We've had issues in the past with tofu, N is not always a fan because I think the texture weirds him out, but in this recipe at least, the tofu is hard to discern, lost in the veggie universe. Freezing it gives it a pretty interesting result.

Thus continues our adventures in vegetarian eating. I figure at this rate cutting down our meat consumption to maybe once a week at most is very possible, but again, it hasn't always been easy. It really forces us to think long and hard about what we eat, but there's value in that. Life's hard and busy, who doesn't push food the back of their minds and resort to what is quick and easy?

But like life, and parenting, for that matter, there is value in being more engaged. When you work harder at something, it gives you that much more, in return. Besides, going down a new road is all about taking chances and operating out of your routines and comfort zones, and for an avowed carnivore as myself, this is quite the adventure.

Then again, life should be an adventure. In the daily grind of our lives, we could all use a little more. Or at least a little more thought about what we're doing.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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