Friday, January 30, 2009

Skiing and Feeling A Little Guilty

We are going skiing today, and we hope to address a little complication that we ran into last week. The kids have made leaps and bounds in their skiing, and are pretty much independent and don't need their old dad around to get in the way. In fact, I'm toying with the idea of snowboarding while they ski since they don't really need me there. Whatever be the case, last week A moved a step closer to independence by skiing the T-bar, all by her lonesome. I helper her out at first, but at some point she was skiing the hill without me while I alternated between skiing with her and skiing with N on the rope tow.

Well, at some point she felt ready for the chairlift. I told her that if she could ski the T-bar, she could do the chair, and of course I would go with her. The problem was, our son dug in his heels and said he didn't want her to go on the chair and that he wanted to go home. I think he was feeling a little jealous, though I sure he could do it, as well, it would just take some time.

We ended up NOT taking the chair, which is a shame because I think the experience would be a great one. AND, it's one step closer to independence.

So our solution to it was bringing mom along, which ain't easy because she works all week and is not so keen on Alpine skiing, though she loves the Nordic kind. Last weekend we couldn't manage it because of scheduling issues, but this week I managed to convince her to join us on Friday, which is a good day to ski at Quechee because it's much less crowded and there are fewer city folks visiting.

The only problem is, mom is busy, and in order to make it, she's going to really have to tweak her schedule. I feel really guilty and wanted to re-work this so she doesn't have to go to all the trouble, but she's willing, and I shouldn't read too much into it. Besides, the kids would be thrilled to pieces for her to watch them ski. AND, I think mom would have more fun if she tried the T-bar. Riding the bunny hill gets old quickly for adults.

If mom is there to keep N company, then I can take A up on the chair. Sounds good in theory, but we'll see how it goes. Wish us luck.

And thanks for reading.

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