Friday, January 30, 2009

The Usual Great Playdate

We had the usual great playdate over at a friend's house and it's always cool to see how well certain kids get along. The kids have a particularly good time when we go over there because not only are the kids on the same page, but the parents are, as well. In other words, there is never an issue of fighting over watching TV, A and her buddy like to read the same books, they love to play the same games inside and out, and the parents really jive and share the same philosophical views. AND, their kids are so nice and well behaved. It always turns out to be a great day of fun and good conversation, not to mention very relaxed because I never have to worry about the kids doing things that might concern me.

It got me to thinking about the whole complicated mess that is childhood today, and how the involvement of parents really ruins things. Two kids could get along like a house on fire, but if the parents have some issues, then the whole friendship is in jeopardy and might never be. I'm experiencing this a bit with our friends in Norwich, and it all boils down to my own small-mindedness and neurosis. That's the beauty of school, parents have nothing to do with it. Then again, that's the bad thing about school (sometimes), parents are just too far removed. What is the answer? I can't say, but we'll ride out our plan for now.

We spent more than half the day at our playdate, but could have easily spent all day and stayed for dinner, but at some point I feel like we have to be considerate to their day. What complicates the matter is that both parents are hyper-polite and dance around the issue of what they really want, rather than just coming forward and blurting it out. The vagueness of it all, though based in the right motives, does not always give the right results.

Until the next time, and thanks for reading.

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