Monday, January 12, 2009

Prioritizing, Getting Organized, and Inspiration

I love blogging, it doesn't lead to much, but somehow I enjoy it, it's just that I need to get my act together and start writing for a living. The few leads that I've pursued have worked out, but again, I need to find some serious writing opps, even if they are severely limited in the current state of the world.

Part of my problem is time. I don't have enough of it, who does, but I can't whine about it. I need to get my act together. In other words, I need to be more organized, and part of that is spending less time blogging and more doing some serious stuff. It's not easy, I gravitate to the easier, more enjoyable things, and can you blame me?

We've found a groove lately at home, and I am better able to write during the day, with the proper prep time in the morning. I.e., my mind is too fried during the day to compose serious prose, but if I can get some shitty first drafts down in the morning, then I can edit them during the day. It's just hard to do that when I blog in the AM. Something's gotta give.

Just wanted to mention that I'm reading a good book, and I've found when I connect with good writing, it inspires me to write a novel, especially this one (The Emperor's Children), about my beloved New York City. So well written, good character and plot development, with great descriptions of the city. The kind of book I'd like to write.

Also, in terms of writing, have been thinking more about scripts. I spoke with John the other day and he said he's off work for about three months and wants to work on something with me. I.e., he wants me to write something and give it to him. We've been down this road before, but I'm grateful for the opportunity. John's a good ally in the shark infested waters of Hollywood.

So I've got to just do it, and part of that is getting off this darn blog. Easier said than done. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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