Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vegan Eating (sort of)-Trying to Match Boloco

There's a burrito restaurant that we love in Hanover called Boloco. Not only is the food killer, but it's socially conscious, with naturally raised meats and organic goodies. Also, they give you the option of healthier choices like brown rice and whole wheat tortillas.

Anyway, we figured that they were burritos and we might be able to make them ourselves, so we tried. While they weren't as killer as Boloco, they weren't bad. The key is juiciness. You need the meat (I know, we've fallen off the vegan bandwagon) to be in a stew like mixture, as well as the beans, and plenty of fresh salsa. The burrito has to be a bit drippy and messy, and they compensate for this by using the foil.

In any event, the kids like to eat their's dismantled and with a fork, so you are essentially getting a burrito bowl, kind of like the slop that falls out of your Big Mac or Taco Supreme, you just love eating it up with a fork after all is said and done.

We might have found our lunch alternative to PBJs and hot dogs, though it's hard to replace those.

So while we haven't made a perfect rival to our beloved Boloco burrito, we have time. We'll work on it, and in the end, it's not about replacing it, just finding a good alternative.

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