Saturday, January 17, 2009

Renouncing Facebook

I've officially renounced Facebook, not because it's bad, but because I seem to enjoy it too much. It's like watching TV, I find myself looking forward to who is on and who I can reconnect with from my past. The problem being, my past is not filled with beautiful memories, and I find that with a lot of people who I couldn't relate to during my high school years, I still can't relate to them.

I realize that it's a great way to connect with old friends, and I've been in touch with people I haven't spoken to in decades, but it's all just an old chapter in my life, and I feel the pains and angst of high school come rushing back to me as I rush to see who wants to be my friend and who will talk to me. Kind of pathetic, actually. Not FB, but me.

Part of the problem is seeing my brother, smiling and enjoying life while he bails out on his family. This is a sordid chapter in my life, but something I'll never get over, and rather than revisit old wounds, I'd rather leave it be just not know.

Besides, you can get sucked into the vortex, wasting a lot of time stroking your ego, and the one thing I don't have a lot of is time.

I will say this-I'll miss it. Until then, thanks for reading.


NannyOgg said...

You go!

Online stuff can be such a time sucker.

And yes, I finally started reading more blogs again, and dug up yours. I enjoyed reading the last entries.

Added it to my reader finally,


phredude said...

Hi Karen, Wow, great to hear from you. The FB thing is not only a time sucker, but it brings me back to the awful days of high school (at least for me) and just makes me depressed.

Either way, hope you are well, let's talk.

Take care.


The Book Chook said...

I'm finally getting to work out FB which is kinda like a gigantic Twitter. I've managed to find ten people to verify my blog, so now I've joined networked blogs there. I have no idea if this will bring me more traffic, but will let you know.

I would really like to check out some of the games but just dare not!