Monday, May 7, 2012

Another Command Performance

A had her chorus show last week, and the whole school was throwing some sort of Latin themed festival, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, no doubt. It was quite the soiree, and I was surprised how many people showed up. The promise of free food could have played a significant role.

We agreed to bring some food, and I wrestled with what sort of Mexican dish to make. It’s easy enough to make quesadillas or tacos for the family, but when you’re going to a party, you need to make something that is a little more straightforward to serve and feeds enough people. A casserole comes to mind, but that’s a lot of work that requires baking, and I was not too keen on that. I finally decided to make a frittata, and that seemed to go over well.

The show was nice, all the different age groups did their respective acts, along with some Spanish language performances. A was in the last group, and they did a nice job. A got to do a solo, and she went first. Needless to say, she did a great job, she really is developing her voice nicely. It was nice to see our neighbors and friends all out in full force, as well.

After the show, the opened the flood gates and everyone got to eat. I have to confess, the food was good. I love Mexican food, and people did a great job making enchiladas and dips. I chowed, and went back for seconds, but by that time, the place had been cleaned out. R had the brilliant foresight to collect desserts before we started eating, because by the time we were ready for sweets, the dessert table was completely empty. Kudos to mom for good planning.

We hung out and ate, A took off with her buddy, AH, and then they did some stuff with piƱatas. The kids got some candy and then it was time to go home. It was a nice time, though I find being in big crowds exhausting and even a bit overwhelming. It’s hard to be quality time at home with family or a few friends.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to DivinePerformingArts for the pic.

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