Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nice Mother’s Day

We had a really nice Mother’s Day, even though we had to work on the driveway in the morning. Our friend GD showed up with his buddy to dig the trench, but it was early in the day, so we had time later to spend Mother’s Day. The plan was to have breakfast at Stella’s, but we had to reschedule for lunch, which was fine by us.

Mom mentioned she wanted to walk over there, which makes it all the more enjoyable, especially after stuffing yourself with Stella’s killer food. It was a nice day, tough maybe a little hotter and more humid than I prefer. I’m not whining, just pointing this out. We set out around 1:00, knowing that they closed at 2:00. The walk was nice and shady in the woods, and the final pass through the meadow is always pleasant. We thought we heard wildlife running around in the woods.

Lunch was great, three of us had veggie burgers, which they excel at, and mom had the falafel, which they also shred at. Plus, falafels are nearly impossible to find around here. We broke from our low sugar diet and had the chocolate cream pie, which Stella’s is famous for. We were stuffed, and it was nice taking a walk back. I always feel much better after a walk.

We got home and had to prepare for JM’s birthday, which started at 3:00. Then to ultimate frisbee at 5:00, followed by a return to the party into the evening. At some point it was time to go home, where a soft warm bed was a welcome end to a busy Mother’s Day.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to iNVision ART for the pic.

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