Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bad Timing

We had this funny mix-up last weekend, and somehow lucked out in straightening things out. I received an email several weeks back about a birthday for a friend of ours, and I confused the dates. I thought it was last weekend when in fact it was next weekend. We set out for our friend’s house on our bikes when who should we see than none other than the birthday boy driving by us. He stopped and chatted and asked where we were off to. I was confused, because it was the time of the party, and yet he was off for some meeting. He then asked if we were going to make it to UF.
My first inclination was to ask him about his birthday, but then I could hear the brakes shrieking in my head. What if it was a surprise party, because he seemed to have no idea what I was alluding to. Granted, I didn’t come outright and say it, but it sure was confusing. I told the kids we had to jet back home and I checked my email, and sure enough, the party is next weekend. We sort of dodged a bullet.

We saw JM at the UF and again he asked where we were headed, and I had to be aloof, because I’m still not sure if he’s in on the whole plan.

Life sure is complicated when you’re scatter-brained and disorganized. Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to CBinDC for the pic.

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