Monday, May 14, 2012

Track Meet

A finally got to run in her first track meet, and I was sorry we couldn’t make it. N had lacrosse, and even though A would love for us to be in the stands, track is a little harder to attend. Not only is it farther away, but track meets last 3-4 hours, and it’s tough sitting through the whole thing. Plus, the actual race of interest that A runs in last for about 5 minutes of that time, and you don’t know when it will happen. In other words, you have to sit through the entire meet without knowing when the event of interest begins.

Plus, A gets to ride on the team bus, which all the kids would prefer, and once the kids are all together, the last thing they want is a parent around embarrassing them. I realize I’m just trying to justify my absence, but I do think it wasn’t as big a deal for A. It was nice when I pulled away from the school parking lot, because I could see one of the other girls doing something with A’s hair, braiding it, perhaps. It’s nice to see her doing girl things with her girlfriends and teammates. There seems to be more girls running track than guys, why is that?

A was gone for most of the day, and as some point we realized that we didn’t know when she’d be back. In retrospect, I realized that we should have left a cell phone with her, because the meets don’t end at a specific time, and if she took the bus home, we wouldn’t know when they arrived back at the school. Our friend, KS, went to the meet, and she said she could give A a ride home, so that worked out, but I think A would prefer to ride the bus home. It’s more fun hanging with the team. Next time we’ll be more prepared.

We saw A later in the day and I think they had a lot of fun. Their team won the overall meet, and A’s relay team won their relay, and A got to anchor the race. Kind of cool. She was excited, she loved her new shoes, which I must admit are pretty slick. We missed out on the bargain basement shoes at Olympia sports because we didn’t realize there is another Olympia in Claremont. We went to the one in Leb, and they were all out, but it worked out in the end, because they have nicer and cooler styles at Stateline. They aren’t exorbitantly expensive, in my opinion.

I’m glad A had fun with it, and she wants to continue. They have another meet coming up, so that should be fun, and then I heard that there’s summer track, which she might be interested in doing. At some point, summer hockey will kick in, and everyone knows that hockey is what life is all about. At least that’s what I’ve been told.

One final note, it was an amazingly beautiful and sunny day, one of those days when you’re happy to be out and about, and A got tan because we weren’t thinking about sunscreen and all. I’m not condoning excessive time in the sun, but she looks good with a little color on her skin. She definitely has the surfer girl thing going.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to thetorpedodog for the pic.

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