Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nice Time at Amy’s Range

Last weekend N said he wanted to go to the driving range, he was feeling a bit antsy, so we headed on over to Amy’s Range in Quechee. It’s a nice range, small and manageable, and you can’t beat the location. It’s usually quiet there, which is surprising considering that there are two serious golf courses close by. When we got there, the owner was giving some instruction to a couple of golfers and we got to listen in on some of the instruction.

While we were hitting balls, the teacher, who is also a golf pro, came out and helped N out with his form and swing. She was so cool about it, she essentially gave him a free lesson, and pointed out many things that I had no idea about like how to place your hands and body dynamics. It makes you realize that there is a whole science to golf, beyond anything I’m capable of learning. She also complimented N on his swing and his strength, and I have to confess, he is a rather strong boy.

After we were done, she mentioned that when she closes up, she goes out and pitches the balls on the grass into a centralized area, and she invited us to come on down and join her. I thought that was really nice. She pointed out that the grips on his irons were a bit big for his hands and that was why he tended to choke up on the handle. She said she could order junior grips that would feel better, and we were all for it. They also come in cool colors, and are not expensive in the least.

All in all, it was a nice day spent at Amy’s Range, full of good vibes. After golfing, we went over the climbing gym, which just re-opened. It’s called the Green Mountain Climbing Gym, and it’s good to see them back in business. The place looked good, and we might go for a climb one day soon. We got home in the early afternoon, had some lunch, took the car in, whipped up some supper for after UF, then went to UF, which was fun. We had a good crew out there. Then again, we generally manage to have fun with UF.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Jeff the Trojan for the pic.

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