Friday, May 25, 2012

Seeing the Doctor

My back pain was getting bothersome to the point where I decided to go and see the doctor, though I could see the end result from a mile away, because when you really get down to it, there is only so much they can do before they start prescribing medication or resorting to surgery. I’m not complaining, I’m glad there is a simple, if not a bit pedantic, solution, it’s just that sometimes I may be hoping for some revelation. I just sometimes wonder if the answer simply boils down to common sense and doesn’t require an office visit.

Also, for the record, my back pain isn’t actually located in my back, it’s deep within my left butt cheek. The sciatic nerve runs down that way, and often when you have lower back pain, the first question they ask is if travels down your leg. My pain is actually originating from my butt. Either way, I called to see if I could see my doc, and of course he wasn’t available for a couple of days. Not a problem, I said, can I see any doctor, and sure enough, there were several available. A bit of advice for people who want to see a doc, just because your primary care physician is not available, if your situation is not serious, they can usually squeeze you in to see somebody. I went for three years having never met my doctor, she was never available, and then she dropped me.

It turns out that I probably have what is called piriformis syndrome, which involves a muscle deep inside your butt. I’m not even sure what it’s used for, but it can touch the sciatic nerve, and that’s when the pain kicks in. My pain definitely reminds me of a pinched nerve, which I get at times in my neck. The doc gave me some literature on stretching exercises, but they were the same ones that my father in law, RR, recommended to me, so nothing new there. She did say that if the problem did not improve, they could initiate physical therapy, but I don’t think that will be necessary. At least not yet.

On a bright note, my BP came in normal. I wrestle a little with mild hypertension, and have yet to really modify my salt intake. I have, however, found that eating lots of bananas (good source of potassium) and exercising regularly can help, and they have.

I’m still cruising along, for now. It still hurts to sit, and driving can be a chore, especially using the clutch. I was at N’s game and was doing some stretches on the grass with A sitting next to me. I told her that I might suffer in the process, to which she said that hopefully I’d suffer in silence, for a change.

Boy, sometimes I can’t even buy any sympathy.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to gj2802 for the pic.

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