Monday, May 21, 2012

Juggling Our Schedules

I was talking to KS at the track meet and she mentioned that they were going to have a quite, mellow weekend with not too much in the way of planning. She alluded to how much they were looking forward to it, and I can relate, though we both sort of agreed that when your life is hectic, you ramp up your energy and anticipation level and act accordingly. When that changes, you have to change your expectations, accordingly. It’s not that you like it or want it, it’s more of survival thing. In order to pull it off, you have to be ready to tackle the day’s events, and when they’re not there, you have to decompress. It’s hard to really explain.

Either way, we had a crazy few days last week, and had to employ the assistance of friends to pull it off. The kids had book club early in the day, and during that time, I had to prepare supper because once I left the house again, there was no coming back. A had track after book club, and I had a trustee meeting in the afternoon. I ended up dragging N along with me, but somehow A had to get from track to my meeting. I asked KS if she could help, and they were more than happy to. I figured we could find somebody to drop her off, it’s not that far, and if anything, for most people, it’s on their way home.

It’s cute at the meeting, because at some point A shows up and comes to the big glass door to say hi, and the other trustees always enjoy seeing her. With the exception of myself, our group is all women, and they can appreciate a cute kid in their presence. Then again, who couldn’t?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to sim-sim clown for the pic.

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