Friday, May 4, 2012

Young Green Thumbs

Even though we decided to skip the garden this year (which has now come into question), the kids were inspired to exercise their own respective green thumbs, and it was pretty cool. They went out into the backyard and developed their own small plots of land, then planted peas and I think sunflowers.

They broke out the necessary garden implements, tilled the soil, cleared weeds and grass, then planted. Afterward, they built small trellis’ and watered. It was really cool, sometimes kids break your hear their so cute. I hope things grow, because they really worked hard on them, especially N, who had to clear a plot from scratch. A got to use her previous plot, so it was simpler.

If you look at what has been done, it's pretty impressive how much time and thought they put into it. Bear in mind, they had to start these from scratch in grassy patches in the yard. This meant clearing the grass, breaking up the soil, adding a little compost, planting and watering, and then adding rocks. The end result is really cool, but it took some initiative to just get to that point. I was impressed.

Now we wait and see. Even though I think they wouldn’t care a huge amount of nothing grew, I do think they’d be excited to see the fruits (or vegetables) of their labors come to fruition, both literally and figuratively. Plus, we love to eat peas.

Spring and the great outdoors in New England, you gotta love it. 

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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