Monday, May 28, 2012

First Loss at Lacrosse

We had our first lacrosse loss, though it was an exciting game. We played Rutland, which is kind of known for playing a rough and maybe a bit nastier. They definitely have that reputation when it comes to hockey. The coaches were kind of anticipating this, and sure enough, they were a tough team, playing a little dirty and sneaky. They also had more 4th graders than younger kids, whereas N’s team is an even mix.

It was their first loss, but it doesn’t really matter, because the kids go out and have fun. I’m learning to appreciate lacrosse a lot more, partly because it’s a lot harder than it looks. More importantly than the loss, however, was that N played a lot of the game. He didn’t score, but they put him in as a mid-fielder (midi), and he did a great job. The midis are key positions and are usually the older and more experienced players on the team. N was playing along 4th graders, and it was exciting to see. He ended up playing all the positions, and was in for most of the time. I think regardless of the loss, he had fun, and the coaches seem supportive of his play.

At the next practice the coach asked if N was okay after the game, because some of the other players were bummed at the “slippery” play of the other team, but N wasn’t upset in the least. He would have preferred the victory, but I think he’s just happy to be out there, and that’s the way it should be, isn’t it?

Until the nex time, thanks for reading, and thanks to spartanfoto for the pic.

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