Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ring of Fire

Last weekend we ran into a familiar conundrum, one that we confront on a regular basis. It could be a vestige from living in New York, but we like to eat out now and then, but have a hard time finding a place that is reasonably priced and healthy. That’s why we love Boloco, because the burritos are not too expensive, they taste killer, and you can get a healthy meal out of it, vegetarian even. Our friends A&K, who are the uber-vegetarians, eat there, so that pretty much says it all.

We were hanging out and thinking of heading into the big city, but decided we didn’t want to go that far, and wanted instead to stay at home, get some food, and hang out by the fire pit. The question was, what to eat? Sure, we could have whipped up some food at home, but it was getting late, and once you have eating out on your mind, it’s hard to go back.

Pizza is always an option, and it’s cheap, but not healthy. Fast food is out of the question. Stella’s doesn’t serve supper. We finally decided on trying Shepard’s Pie in Quechee, where you can get take out food that’s not too expensive. The problem was, the place we go to was closed because Quechee is still a mess. They have another place near the gorge, but it’s more of sit-down restaurant, and we didn’t want to sit down. I called them and she said she could make whatever we wanted, and we were thinking burritos, both veggie and meat. She said no problem, so I gave her my order.

When I went there, I was a little shocked at the cost. It was a little pricey for what it was, even though they were big. I should have ordered less. My Mentor is shaking his head thinking, I told you so. Either way, the sticker shock was a bit much. The burritos were good, but not overwhelming, and they used white rice and white flour tortillas. At Boloco you can brown on both, which we always order. Plus, the burritos were not for the faint of heart.

I can’t complain (as if that’s going to stop me), we got to eat at home and hang out by the fire. It was fun, we always have a blast, and then the kids roasted marshmallows and burned everything that wasn’t tied down.

I think we need some backyard lawn chairs, and this may be a future project, or not. We’ll see, I need to tackle the picnic table first.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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