Thursday, May 10, 2012

Scoring Track Shoes

Now that A is a track running machine, naturally she needs the proper accessories, i.e., track shoes. I didn’t realize you needed official shoes, but all the kids who race wear them. Seems a bit serious for a bunch of middle-schoolers, but they do run on a real track. Plus, you can’t be the only one on the team who doesn’t have the right equipment.

A mentioned that she “needed” the shoes, and considering that it’s pretty much the only piece of equipment she needs to run track, and that she’s really getting into it, we set out on a mission to find track shoes. Now I’d heard from a friend that they had them on sale at Olympia Sports, so A and R headed over there on Sunday, but they were all out. They tried Stateline, but it’s closed on Sunday. The responsibility then fell on my shoulders.

We went to Stateline and A picked out a pair, which are cool and funky. They make them with wild colors and styles, but they are clearly functional. As always, I didn’t think Stateline’s prices were that bad. I love that store. A picked out the color and style she liked, and we were off. We headed over to Golf and Ski Warehouse to get N a cover for his driver, and on the way, A said she was having problems with the zipper on her shoes. Luckily she noticed it before we headed home, so we just popped on back over to Stateline and did a quick exchange. I think she ended up with the nicer pair as a result, so serendipity was with us.

Now we’re all set on spring sports gear, and I’ll tell you one thing, it’s a lot easier and cheaper than hockey gear.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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