Tuesday, May 22, 2012

To Travel or Not to Travel

That’s the big question, as least in terms of hockey. I was approached by one of the hockey dads who said they are going to create a girls travel team that will compete with other girl travel teams. I know they have them at the other programs, and the big city program is a powerhouse. I thought it would be great for A because they are taking all levels, even girls with no prior hockey experience.

Plus, she would be with a bunch of girls who happen to be nice, and she would get to know them well. This would open up all sorts of social opportunities and give her a cool group to identify with. I get a sense that they are trying to lure girls away from the House team to play on this one. I’m not sure how many they’ve succeeded in getting, but there are only a handful of girls on the House team, so it would take much.

I thought it would be a perfect fit for A, mainly from a social perspective. The House team is mainly guys, and though they all jive, I don’t think she’ll develop any real or lasting friendships with these boys, they’re just too young and crazy. Playing with a group of girls, however, would be great. They would totally jive, and again, they’re really nice girls.

A has indicated, however, that she wants to play on the House team. She feels loyal to them, and that’s fine. As much as I would think it would be a better fit with the girls, I’m not going to push it. It would be more work and time commitment to be on the girl’s team because they are a travel team, and I was also told they need coaches and my name came up as one of them. Are you kidding me? Either way, in choosing the House team, A is making our lives easier, but as we all know, it’s not about making life easier, but rather making it better.

In the end, she should make her own choice and I’ll respect that. She’ll have fun no matter what.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Johnny.. for the pic.

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