Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ultimate Weekend

We had our second day of UF, at least for this family, and it started out slowly and then turned into a fun match. Now there are people who take it a bit more seriously than they probably need to, because it really is about having fun, regardless of your skill level, but for some of us, it becomes about winning and performing. This is difficult when you’re playing with old and creaky players like myself as well as young kids just learning the ropes.

Often the hardcore players find other more hardcore venues, but they do show up at our games now and then. This past weekend, we arrived at the field and there was only one person there. We threw the disc around and JM showed up, but it looked it was just our small group. Eventually AH and MB arrived, but even then, it was a small crew. We made a small field and played kids vs. adults, when some of the high school kids showed up, as well as JM, who is a pro. Not only is he really good at UF, but he’s an intense competitor. He’s tall and fast, as well.

Needless to say, this changed the landscape of the game. I had a few reservations, but was also happy that more people showed up. We expanded the game and went for it. I had to say, it was a blast. Even though JM is a fierce competitor, it works out nicely when he’s on the opposing team, because I don’t feel as much pressure to be flawless, and it’s more fun playing against him. It ended up being a really fun UF session. I’m still not sure why the turnout has been so small, but in the end, we still have fun.

Just a quick note, I think A&N’s game has really picked up. They no longer just sit and wait for the disc, they are very active and involved. It’s nice to see, our kids are growing up.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to rayrod1 for the pic.

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