Monday, May 21, 2012

New Drum Developments

We haven’t been going to drum or piano lessons for the past month, and probably won’t resume until some point in June. A’s track has ended, but N’s lacrosse continues, so our Mondays are booked. We haven’t been to karate, either, but don’t let’s not get into that one.

I’ve been making the kids, much to their chagrin, practice drums and guitar, and though they begrudgingly do it, once they get started, they get into it and start to actually explore their instruments. I think it’s awesome to see and hear. A will practice her songs and then either start figuring out new ones on her own or playing with different cord combinations. She’s very interested in musical theory. N has a lesson plan that his teacher is following, but when I listen to him, he adds in all sorts of rolls and combinations. When I ask him if that’s part of the lesson, he told me they weren’t and he just added what he thought sounded good.

How cool is that? Now if I could just motivate them enough to practice on their own, we’d be in business.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to PinkBow for the pic.

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