Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Monday Night Movie

R was talking about going to see a movie in the big city if we could somehow pull it off, but there is so much going on that it was going to be difficult. It seems like every day this week we have lacrosse or track, both of which finish at the end of the day. From there it would be a challenge to drive all the way out to the big city, though not impossible.

As it turns out, there was a movie playing in the adjacent town at the town hall theater. The movie was Mirror Mirror, a play on Snow White, with Julia Roberts as the evil step mom. Since we had lacrosse, we weren’t too far away. A had track earlier, but she could catch a ride with mom and meet us there. The only complication was what to do about supper.

We put our heads together and came up with a plan. Since we torture ourselves over where to go when we eat out, I decided to make supper on the go and simply eat it before the movie. The hard part is, what to eat? Picnic food was in order, but it was threatening rain. Then again, what’s a little rain to Vermonters? I ended up making a pasta supper with salad and bread, and left it for R&A to bring with them. N and I headed out to lacrosse, and afterward met up with R&A at the theater. They have a sheltered front porch complete with benches, so it was a perfect place to eat. Since R got home a little early, she and A ate at home, and N and I ate at the theater. Fortunately, we weren’t pressed for time, and it was actually nice sitting there eating and watching the rain.

After our meal, we went in for the movie. Of course we had to get popcorn, though this time I decided to forsake (much to the kid’s chagrin) the maple butter that they offer. Amazing stuff, but not in line with our healthy eating plan. The movie was a lot of fun, and the kids really enjoyed it. They can definitely handle more PG movies, and I think they could handle PG-13, as well, but maybe it’s best not to rush things. Heck, I remember my parents taking us to R rated movies before I was ten. They were a bit disturbing for me, though.

The movie ended around 9:00 and when we came out, it was raining, as usual. We headed home and went straight to bed, but what a fun evening. It’s nice to get out and be a little spontaneous. Plus, the kids get to be hip on the latest movies, which is always an important thing.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to m4tik for the pic.

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